First Things First

Our first priority is to help you define what success looks like and the specific outcomes you expect. 

We believe in working in partnership with you to generate the solutions to your challenges. You know your business, the environment in which you work, and the people you have who can face those challenges with you. We help you put the plan together to get the business where it needs to be.

We’ll design a bespoke programme for you and/or your teams…

We help you diagnose the issues you have and determine what options might be available to address them. We then work with you personally with regular one to one contact, or we design specific interactions with your teams, or even with the organisation as a whole. We agree the length of the programme up front and all our programmes are supported online.

…that fits perfectly with the way you work

Our work with you is spread over a period of time that suits you and your organisation.

By allowing the programme to fit with your schedule and how you or your business operates, we find the learning is more likely to stick. And as your team try out new techniques and frameworks in real time, you’ll have support available to overcome the inevitable bumps along the way. We’ll work with you to address any additional challenges as they occur, adapting sessions to suit and creating with you the catalysts needed to make exciting things happen.

We’re flexible – if your needs change, we’ll change direction…

We deliver seminars, workshops and one to ones that are designed for execution – testing ideas and solutions, working up actions that will make progress, we reflect on successes and failures on the way so that corrections can be made. Change and development can be complex and difficult – where you first set out may not be where you end up.

…and we’ll focus precisely where you’ll see the biggest impact

If there are individuals or teams within your business who you discover need specific training and development, but standard programmes just don’t cut the mustard, perhaps we can help. We can work on a one to one basis, with a specific team or your senior team, developing tailored coaching programmes that will make a difference. We can develop a specific project with you or you can identify people who might need mentoring or individual development.

“If you’ve got a complicated business with lots of complicated individuals…he’d be a good person to have a cup of tea with and say, “can you help me put a semblance of order to this place?”

Paul Rogers

CEO, BladeRoom Group