Is This You? 

Whether you’re in your early days in a senior role and could use a guiding hand, or you’re long in the tooth and struggling to develop an exit plan that won’t hinder the business you’ve worked so hard to develop, we believe we can help.

We’ve worked with leaders from all industries and all walks of life. The personalities are different, but the challenges they face turn out to be pretty similar.

Have a read of the scenarios below. If you find yourself nodding along, our tailored development programmes for leaders and teams could be just the thing to help you get to where you need to be.

Why struggle alone when you could benefit from our expertise and experience?

Too Much Operational Noise?

You want to step away from the day to day running of the business and feel confident it will still grow and be profitable. However, you find yourself copied in on group e-mails and drawn into decision making and problem-solving that just shouldn’t need your input. If you find yourself frustrated and distracted by issues with quality, delivery, and other operational problems, it’s time to ask for help.

You Aren’t Getting the Right Results?

You aren’t clear what to measure and track to get the right results in the business. Are you working on data that shows what happened last month or last year but doesn’t guide your decision making for this month never mind next year? Learn how to make the numbers work for you.

“As a team we’re functioning much better. People are feeling more confident and more competent in the work. And we’ve learned to challenge each other in a healthy way when something isn’t right.”

— Joe Cooper, Founder, Touchwood

You Have to Chase Everything?

Meetings aren’t effective enough. People don’t seem to listen, contribute or take ownership of the things that need doing, and when they promise to do something it just doesn’t seem to get done.  Even your board meetings don’t seem to be very effective…and that’s when they actually take place. Get some accountability onboard.

You’re Unsure How Best to Support Your Teams?

Maybe your senior team isn’t working together as well as they should. Your sales team isn’t delivering the growth the business needs, and you’re aware of numerous people, critical to the success of the business, who just aren’t being supported to meet their targets. And what about when you bring new people in – how can you ensure they hit the ground running?  Use team coaching to focus on empowering the individuals to develop the team.

“I have benefited greatly from Steve’s excellent ability to quickly absorb and assimilate complex information and then convert this into effective strategies/approaches.”

Deputy Chief Executive

You Can’t Move On?

You never seem to have the time or energy to develop a decent strategic plan with your senior team to take things to the next stage. Perhaps you have doubts how useful it will be, or you think they’ll shove it in a drawer and just get on with the challenging stuff of running the business day-to-day.

Things need to shift up a gear. But where should you start?

“Corine’s coaching has given me the courage to make and embrace change and to move forward by making choices that benefit me, not just looking out for everyone else.”

— Rob Lomas, Service Delivery Manager, DXC Technology

Could We Help?

If you’re nodding furiously at any (or all!) of these scenarios then get in touch. We’d be happy to help.