How did you choose your Senior Management Team?

It’s not uncommon to find people arriving in senior positions with a track record of great performance, but without the necessary skills when it comes to people management or leadership. While it’s true these skills might develop over time, do you feel you’re best placed to get your managers up to speed as quickly as you’d like?

According to the global survey by Development Dimension International (DDI), approximately two-thirds of leaders and HR professionals rated the effectiveness of leadership development in their company as only moderate, low, or very low. As for the existing quality of leadership, 38% of leaders and only 26% of HR professionals rate it very good or excellent. Worse, a meagre 18% of HR professionals believe they have the quantity and quality of leaders they’ll need over the next few years.

Can you relate?

Giving confidence to the next generation of leaders

 Over the coming years, leadership roles will change. The leaders of the future will need a wide variety of skills to deal with the VUCA world. That’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous – something we’re sure you can relate to in the current climate. Business heads must develop emotional intelligence to understand and work effectively with their people. And they’ll need the right skills to collaborate with and exert influence across the organisation and beyond.

Are your business leaders ready?

Leadership programmes that deliver immediate results

Leadership development has moved on since the days of content heavy training sessions where the return on investment is minimal at best. If your people aren’t learning useful frameworks they can actually apply, trying out the new behaviours as they learn them in workshops, and then experimenting with them back in the workplace – don’t expect much to change.

Through a variety of face to face workshops and seminars as well as online modular learning methods, our leadership programmes are designed to challenge their participants. To build real-world confidence that translates directly back into the office. Smiley faces on workshop ‘happy sheets’ aren’t enough. It’s when your Finance Manager goes on to successfully carry out effective and professional 121s for the very first time. That’s when you start to see results that make an impact.

Dr William Tate

“Wise owners do not blame the fish for their poor appearance or performance. They do not take the fish out from time to time to give them a spot of training, tell them to smarten up and look lively, then plop them back in the same dirty water. Instead, they clean the tank.” 

Training and development designed for you

But there are no off-the-shelf training solutions here.  We’ll work with you from start to finish to design exactly what you need. Our leadership development programmes are practical and engaging. They create change and deliver observable results. Results that will more than pay for the investment you make. We’ll help you develop the people in your organisation so that they, and your business, can grow.

Even better, our programmes can be CMI accredited, so those taking part will get a leadership qualification that actually means something. Because personal development is just as important as professional development – if your team feel they’re getting something out of the programme, they’ll be much more likely to put back into it.

“The sessions we had were very much about growing the person not just growing the project manager. And that’s what made them so successful and enjoyable.”

— Dr Gemma Jerome, Building with Nature Manager, Building With Nature

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Developing future leaders requires thought and expertise. Get in touch – we can design exactly what you need for your key people or teams.