Coaching and mentoring for you

If you want to focus on growing your business, you know you need to take a step back and spend time working ‘on’ it rather than ‘in’ it. But sometimes that’s easier said than done. What if things aren’t going to plan and you see all your hard work begin to unravel? The thing is, even when you do find time to look at the bigger picture, it’s hard to be sure you’re ploughing your effort into the right areas. What should you be concentrating on first? Your strategy, leadership styles or organisational culture? Or the link between them all? 

And how about your relationships with your team? Many senior managers are finding it increasingly difficult to understand how to motivate a younger workforce who seek a less conventional way of working. For example, 43% of millennials (25 to 35 year olds) expect feedback on a weekly basis.  Did you roll your eyes when you read that?


“I have benefited greatly from Steve’s excellent ability to quickly absorb and assimilate complex information and then convert this into effective strategies/approaches.”

Pete Carr

Deputy Chief Executive, GFirst LEP

Sounding board, devil’s advocate or critical friend…

…if the cap fits, we’ll happily wear it if we can provide you with a way to see through the problems you face in your business. Whether you have a specific mountain to climb, numerous hurdles to leap or simply an ongoing professional challenge you want to overcome.

We run coaching and mentoring programmes for MDs and CEOs just like you, who want to test out new ideas and get insight into how they come across. We’ll help you get clarity on what you need to do to make things happen. And we’ll challenge your thinking, sharing tips and techniques that will give you a renewed confidence in your ability to manage and lead at the highest level.

What’s more, we’ll give you the accountability to make sure you achieve everything you set out to do.

“Corine’s coaching has given me the courage to make and embrace change and to move forward by making choices that benefit me, not just looking out for everyone else. She balances this well with a focus on my business goals that are already seeing a benefit to my company.”

Rob Lomas

Service Delivery Manager, CSC

Coaching programmes for members of your team

Maybe you have a leader in the business who struggles to get the sales director to cooperate. Or a marketing manager who skirts around difficult conversations like they’re a hole in the road. They want to step up, and you’d love them to, but you’re not sure where to start, or how to help them do it.

We run coaching programmes for leaders who need to be more confident, have better conversations, manage their time effectively, become more visible at a senior level and just get more done. 

Which means they get more out of coming to work – and the business gets more out of them being there.

Got anyone in mind?

“I think it’s about more than just a customer for Corine; she cares deeply about what she does. By the end of the programme the staff involved had moved to a position where they were more confident and more leaderful. It’s made a difference to them and to the business. And what’s more, it’s relieved some of the pressures on me personally – for that I’m very grateful.”

Bruce Allen

CEO, HETAS, BladeRoom Group

“Over the last year, Corine has been able to turn me from what I would describe as a difficult and very sceptical person into someone who is now an effective Team Lead. She is able to take any work-related work issues and make me view them from a different perspective and be able to leave each session with a list of possible ways with which to tackle them.”

Eli Pearson

Team Lead, CSC

Could We Help?

Would you personally like some help? Do you have key individuals who need it? Get in touch and we could help with a tailored programme suited to your needs.