Our Approach

Our approach is a practical one.

We don’t believe in off-the-shelf solutions. We don’t believe in hefty consultancy reports. And we don’t believe in just asking clever questions.

We’ll get to know your business. We’ll work alongside you to help diagnose the barriers to your success and identify the changes required to help you get where you need to be. And then develop a tailored programme of support which make those changes happen.

When we work with you, we become involved. We don’t dip in and out, but stand shoulder to shoulder with you, coaching, mentoring, guiding – delivering the right support at the right time for you and your team until together, we achieve your ambitions. Your success becomes our success.

Our Process

First Conversation

It all starts with a conversation where your only investment is time.

We listen. You share your challenges, frustrations, aspirations both professionally and as a business. We draw on our experience of other businesses just like yours to ask the right questions.

We’ll look at your business through the lens of Strategy, Leadership & Culture. We like to think about this as the 3 legs of a stool.

We’ll explore with you whether your stool is stable and any reasons why it might be wobbly.  As you move forward on your journey, we’ll also point out any potential challenges you may face in progressing to the next stage of your business’s evolution. And help you prepare and be ready to address them.

Programme Proposal

We offer you our observations and recommendations and work with you to design a proposal that seeks to offer you at least 10 x your investment.

We collaborate with you to identify not only the work that needs to be done and the outcomes you can expect to see, but the value created for you personally, for the staff, and for shareholders and beyond.

This ripple effect is one of the reasons why the work we do with businesses like yours is so rewarding.

Starting Strong

We use a sophisticated and well proven TPA Insight survey which enables leaders and their teams to focus on the areas that will make the biggest difference to their performance. Our bespoke programme is co-created with you, is highly interactive and underpinned by technology. This will ensure you’re able to sustain and build on the changes in the business long after the programme has finished.

Evaluating Results

We will re-run surveys, collect feedback and review agreed measures so you can see for yourselves what you’ve achieved. But we don’t think you’ll need a survey to see the results.

Along with evaluation we’ll help you identify the next phases of development for the senior management team and the wider business. Because the evolution never stops.

In our experience any business can change for the better. And using our highly collaborative and tailored approach – we can make it happen for you too. Talk to us today and become the business you’d always hoped to be.

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All of the senior team gained enormously from our work with Steve. It has equipped us with processes to make sure that we use what we have learnt going forward.” Caroline Duckworth, Chief Executive of Quartet Community Foundation, Bristol

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