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Wise owners do not blame the fish for their poor appearance or performance. They do not take the fish out from time to time to give them a spot of training, tell them to smarten up and look lively, then plop them back in the same dirty water. Instead, they clean the tank. “ Dr William Tate

Don't let your managers learn by trial and error

It’s not uncommon to find people arriving in senior positions with a track record as great individual contributors, but without the necessary skills when it comes to people management or leadership. While some of these skills might develop over time, have you considered the impact of giving your people managers the skills they need to succeed?

Strong managers boost team performance and retention, and poor managers hamper it.

A Gallup study found out of 7,200 people surveyed, over 50% left “to get away from their manager.”

Are you investing to make sure that doesn’t happen?

Your leaders need to be ready

To survive in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment, they need leadership skills and organisational capabilities often widely different from those that helped them succeed in the past.

This means it’s more important than ever to be able to deliver feedback effectively and align remote and office-based workers, as well as build trust, navigate conflict and inspire and motivate a team. Great leadership is a requirement, not a nice to have.

Leadership development that delivers immediate results

Through a variety of remote and face to face workshops and seminars, underpinned by technology we help build real-world confidence that translates directly back into the office.

Smiley faces on workshop ‘happy sheets’ aren’t enough, if your people aren’t practicing and refining these leadership behaviours in the real world and getting feedback and further guidance on them – don’t expect much to change.

When your leaders have developed emotional intelligence and resilience and know how to get the best from their people – that’s when you’ll see measurable results.

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