How does your senior team operate?

Perhaps you have lively debates, but decisions get lost somewhere between the whiteboard and the potted plant. Or maybe no-one truly speaks their mind because they don’t want to upset the Sales Director.  Do you think people feel safe enough to share their ideas even when they are wild and unconventional? Clue: They should!

The performance, effectiveness (and attitude) of your senior team directly affects the results of your business. That may seem obvious. But sometimes we need to stop and think about the obvious.

Is the answer ‘needs improvement’?

We don’t shoehorn our solutions into your challenges

Our team coaching programmes get results because we listen, ask questions and help you to diagnose what the issues are and what needs to be sorted. We have a detailed, structured diagnostic process which helps define the areas to work on.  But don’t worry, we won’t just focus on problems – it’s important to look at the positives too. After all, if you don’t know what you’re doing right, how can you make sure you continue the good work?

Once we’ve helped you to get to grips with the situation, we’ll work with you to put together a programme that’s relevant and will have an impact. Always making sure we leave enough space to tackle the challenges live, in the workplace, as they happen. Because we find that’s where the best learning is done.

We’re naturally curious with a drive to help you succeed. And with ongoing dynamic team development, we’ll help your team to evolve and to start performing to their full potential.

We’ll professionalise how you work as a team.

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“The outcome of the sessions really helped us discuss how we work as a team and allow us to focus on conversations beyond the day-to-day. Corine is an effective guide and coach. Her personable style is the perfect approach to team coaching. She encouraged honest conversations and helped us set goals for developing our team working. I’d highly recommend engaging Corine to help coach your team.”

Ian Robins

Chief Operating Officer, Sift Media

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