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“If you’ve got a complicated business with lots of complicated individuals… he’d be a good person to call, have a cup of tea with and say: can you help with putting a semblance of order to this place?”

— Paul Rogers, CEO, BladeRoom

“Any individual who’s evolving and any CEO who’s in an organisation in change could benefit from Steve’s mentoring.”

— Stephen Watkin, Managing Director, Hameln Pharmaceuticals Ltd

“Coaching with Corine is like visiting a gym of the business mind.”

— Andrew Green, Operations Manager DXC Technology

“This is a remarkable programme and I feel proud to have been part of it. I now feel empowered to lead – it’s as simple as that.”

— Ian Williams, Service Delivery Manager, CSC, (Leadership Development Programme)

“The senior team is no longer just a group of people who get on – although we do – Spring have professionalised the way we work together giving us confidence in the decisions we’re making.”

— Tim Harms, Managing Director, Touchwood

“As a team we’re functioning much better. People are feeling more confident and more competent in the work. And we’ve learned to challenge each other in a healthy way when something isn’t right.”

— Joe Cooper, Founder, Touchwood

“There are many programmes that teach skills, but only on Spring have I been on one that changes the way you think”

— Nick Sydenham, Lead Solution Architect, DXC (Leadership Development Programme)

“Our first cohort of emerging leaders have ALL gone on to take wider and more involved roles in our business.”

— Richard Reader, Account General Manager, DXC

“My direct report benefited significantly from the leadership development provided. Her ability to deal with ambiguous challenges as well as her confidence when engaging colleagues and seniors have improved immensely”

— Luke Webber, Operations Board CSC (Leadership Development Programmes )

“I would not consider any future investment in leadership development without including coaching, and I would strongly recommend Corine as a provider.”

— Meredith Patten, Operations Board, DXC

“The sessions we had were very much about growing the person not just growing the project manager. And that’s what made them so successful and enjoyable.”

— Dr Gemma Jerome, Building with Nature Manager, Building With Nature

“Pairing the people on the programme with existing leaders as mentors can benefit both parties. Whilst ostensibly a programme for burgeoning leaders…the Spring programme affords the existing leader the opportunity for reflection and understanding.”

— Jem Davis, Senior Operations Manager, DXC

“I would argue that our investment in the Spring Programme has well paid for itself over the last 12 months!”

— Adrian Powell, Principle Solution Architect, DXC Technology (Leadership Development Programme )

“The ‘bag of tools’ I took from the programme have led to higher morale, a less frenetic atmosphere and a workplace finally free of entrenched energy zapping drama cycles.”

— Reuben Terrett, Service Architect, DXC (Leadership Development Programme )

“I personally found the programme to be of great benefit to me and my career. I cannot recommend the programme or Steve enough. A true asset to any organisation!”

— Chris ter Bekke, Engineering Lead, CSC (Leadership Development Programme)

“I have benefited greatly from Steve’s excellent ability to quickly absorb and assimilate complex information and then convert this into effective strategies/approaches.”

— Pete Carr – Deputy Chief Executive at GFirst LEP – Gloucestershire’s Local Enterprise Partnership

“Corine’s coaching has given me the courage to make and embrace change and to move forward by making choices that benefit me, not just looking out for everyone else.”

— Rob Lomas, Service Delivery Manager, DXC Technology

“The mentoring process and your knowledge gave us new tools and awareness…it gave us the confidence to know we are working efficiently in the right areas of the business to move forward.”

— Jon Sale, Managing Director Voicepath Ltd

“His direction, open approach and support for my development made my time working with Steve inspiring, motivating and rewarding.”

— Ian Robins – Head of Marketing, Sift Media

“There are aspects of my work life that have changed for the better as a result of my involvement with Spring, that I wouldn’t have had the awareness of or confidence to change previously.”

— Claire Gardner – Customer Relationship Manager at DXC

“I’d recommend Corine even if you are super busy and don’t have time for a coach.”

— Claire Stone, Claire Stone Nutrition

“All of the senior team gained enormously from our work with Steve. It has equipped us with processes to make sure that we use what we have learnt going forward.”

— Caroline Duckworth, Chief Executive of Quartet Community Foundation, Bristol

“I think it’s about more than just a customer for Corine; she cares deeply about what she does. By the end of the programme the staff involved had moved to a position where they were more confident and more leaderful. It’s made a difference to them and to the business. And what’s more, it’s relieved some of the pressures on me personally – for that, I’m very grateful.”

— Bruce Allen, CEO, HETAS

“The Spring Leadership Programme was superb and of high quality. A very worthwhile investment by my company. The extensive and multi-layered programme provided me with the insight, knowledge and self-awareness I needed to fully understand my strengths and apply them in a more considered way.”

— Participant

“ Any doubts I might have had about “yet another management course” were dispelled within an hour of the start of the first session. The quality of the teaching, the materials, and the planning was all very high. More importantly, the effect it has had on me as an individual is very positive. I also know that leadership is difficult, and the creation of the “cohort” is the final triumph of the course, providing a powerful support structure for all of the candidates. Thank you.”

— Participant

“It’s been a long hard road……but overall I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Before this programme, I’ve always been on shorter, “boot camp” like courses where you don’t get the opportunity to put what you have learned into practice until afterwards, and more often than not, you forget most of it and use little of it. This course has allowed us to learn, practice and apply the new skills in the workplace with real situations and this I have found most beneficial of all. The Cohort I know will continue to work together and I feel I have developed stronger relationships, both personal and professional with all of them.”

— Participant

“Any individual who’s evolving and any CEO who’s in an organisation in change could benefit from Steve’s mentoring.
I don’t think Steve has ever given me a piece of poor advice. Everything he advises, whether it be at the strategic level for the business or on a one to one level is insightful, it’s clear, it’s easy to understand. And it’s done with a sense of genuine engagement.
I’m one of those people who ordinarily would say ‘ I don’t need this at all, I’m not interested it’s a waste of time,’ But that’s not the way it is with Steve.
Steve is bluntly honest. And that for me is critical. You need to work with somebody who’s not going to have a hidden agenda. You need to work with someone who’s going to tell you the truth, who’s going to identify what your problems are even if you don’t like to hear it.
Would I recommend him to my competitors? No. Would I recommend him to somebody who’s not in the same industry as me? Absolutely.“

— Steve Watkin, Managing Director, hameln pharmaceuticals

The true value that I find in having someone like Steve to confide and bounce things off is based on his experience of the real issues surrounding business partnerships their relationships and the usual difficulties found with company growth. The quality and impartial nature of this advice, guidance, and sometimes mediation is the real key to obtaining and sustaining success. And also after many years a trusted friend!

— Paul Dunne, Managing Director HAG